Digital Birmingham Games Day – Part Two

The evening of Digital Birmingham Games Day was an informal meet up with free drinks and pizza. There were a bunch of great games to play and we got to unveil Fire Fu and invite attendees to come and play an early version! We held a mini competition to win a Google Play card worth a stagggggggering £25, which proved to be a huge success as many came over (including the designers of Alien Isolation!) to have several tries at achieving the best score in a 60 second arcade game. It was brilliant fun for everyone involved as you’ll be able to see in the photographs below. Congratulations to Toyan George Green, the winner with an impressive score of 989!

It was a delight to meet so many great people and it’s given us a lot of motivation to attend other events. After a long time developing our engine and working on our game, it was rewarding and inspiring to see people genuinely enjoy it. The positive and friendly comments on Fire Fu exceeded our expectations and it certainly was the highlight of our evening!

To top things off, regional BBC News featured some great moments from Fire Fu and we feel the game looks great on camera! 🙂



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