Digital Birmingham Games Day – Part One

Creative England’s GamesLab recently hosted the first ever Digital Birmingham Games Day, as part of Digital Birmingham Week 2015. The event focused on topics such as funding opportunities, regional development and start-up support. The organisation and atmosphere of the event was exceptional and we would like to thank everyone involved, especially Jamie Sefton who ensured that everything ran smoothly!

The day began  with talks on attracting games investment by Microsoft and Payload Studios. Kuju Start-ups and Creative England provided additional information regarding available financing options/mechanisms for small/micro companies,  followed by a panel discussion on Virtual Reality and whether or not it promises to be the future of gaming.

After a short break, the most anticipated session took place featuring the lead designer of Alien Isolation, Gary Napper and writers Dion Lay and Will Porter.  It’s an epic game so we were really looking forward to it but frustratingly got stuck on the M6 (no surprise there) motorway and missed it! However, we did get to meet Gary and Dion and they are fantastic chaps and very humble, to boot.

The final session was reserved for companies accepted into the Greenshoots Round 2 programme, including us of course! Each company had prepared a short but dynamic presentation on their funded project and we were no different. We were excited to introduce the team, talk about current achievements and aspirations, as well as reveal the logo of our debut game Fire Fu!

Look out for part two as there’ll be a bunch of photographs from the event, including some that show an early version of our game in action.



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