Beast Concept

Didn’t Expect to be creating so many of these videos but they’re fun and don’t take too long! If you find them interesting then I’m happy to continue. I started this one without any clear direction and just decided to see what’d happen. I felt like giving Sculptris a blast and I must say that the brushes are really nice! Although, my computer really began to chug once I began adding more detail so it became a bit frustrating. Not cool getting a line of dots when you want a nice, smooth stroke, and don’t we all want a nice smooth stroke?

Anyhow, it took me around 140 minutes to be precise, and although it’s still very rough in terms of details, I feel that most of the basic shapes are there and it has a decent silhouette.  I may work on it at a later date if I have time but it’ll probably get dumped into an ideas folder.  I’m rambling on now so I’ll stop.