Action Power in Photoshop

Hello and welcome to my second blog post. This one is about actions. The Photoshop kind. Good actions are good, they save you time and aid creativity by cutting out repetitive, and often mundane tasks.

Below, you will find a set of six actions that I have created and used extensively over the years. I suggest you map them to keyboard shortcuts. They’re on the F keys for which means they are effortlessly integrated into my daily pixel-pushing duties. I hope they save you precious time.

Here’s a brief rundown of what they do and why they are useful:

Scale Doc 50% (F3)
Not the most exciting, but in our industry we’re permanently resizing images so this gets used a lot.

Centre to Extents (F7)
Centre any layer to the extents of your document/image.

Centre to Selection (Ctrl+F7)
Create a selection and this action will centre your current layer to the middle of your selection.

Offset 50% Horizontal/50% Vertical (F5&F6)
If you want to create tileable textures, use these actions. Offset your current layer, remove the seam and run it once again. Voilà! Your document size should ideally be divisible by two.

Tile (F4)
Use this to tile your current layer. It supports layers with transparency and is useful for creating patterns, painting out seams or just visualising your tilable textures in action.

As always, please test them first and use them at your own risk. Tested in CS2 but should work with newer versions too. It’d be great to know if you find them useful and please spread the link if you think someone would find this post useful.