Rich Cross

Co-founder / Programmer

Here at RetroFist HQ, I’m the man responsible for writing the code that gets our games from out of our heads and into your sweaty paws. I’ve been working as a coder for 13 years, and was lucky enough to work with John at my first industry post! I’ve written code for all kinds of areas of games development, from audio to tools and network to graphics. Not long ago, I was the Lead Programmer at VooFoo, working hard to get Hustle Kings players online. All of that experience has proved very useful for the work here at RetroFist; I’m currently busy implementing various gameplay mechanics and developing our editor to ensure that John has all he needs to make the game pretty.

If I’m not sat at a desk poring over code, you’ll probably find me out and about running in the hills and mountains of Northern England, sucking up some adrenaline and praying I don’t trip and break my beautiful face running down something absurdly steep and rocky.